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find peace with paloma yoga

Image by Chelsea Gates

why yoga?

To learn to be kind to ourselves. Yoga is not about finding the perfect alignment in a pose, it’s about learning to love your imperfections.

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classes are held weekly in ravenscourt park weather depending. private individual or group classes in your own home are also available

  • all levels yoga flow class

    8 British pounds
  • A class around mental health and movement with meditation.

    8 British pounds
  • An all levels flow class

    10 British pounds
  • All levels flow class

    10 British pounds
  • A gentle practice for mobility, flexibility and calming the mind

    Mon, Tue
    10 British pounds
  • Co-hosted by The Invisible Cafe supporting invisible disabilites.

    10 British pounds
  • A yoga class tailored to your needs.

    15 British pounds
  • give the gift of movement

    15 British pounds

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what people say

Marce R

"Kara (Paloma Yoga) is such a calm and thoughtful teacher! She really ensures that you take in the practice at your own pace and level. When I have practiced yoga with her I have felt very relaxed and centred. I will totally recommend her as a yoga teacher."

Chris F

"I took a couple of classes with Kara, and they were very enjoyable and professional. A good mix of flexibility, mindfulness, and relaxation. Would strongly recommend Paloma Yoga!"

Bill C

"Kara has a relaxed but professional approach. Everyone is put at their ease. She says ‘your mat is your safe area where no one will judge’. I certainly will take more sessions. Thanks Kara."

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